Ebony Essentials created over a 10 year period when I couldn’t find a good natural hair product that would eliminate an eczema issue that not only was a problem for me but other clients as well. I’ve been a Loctician for 20 years and I used my products on over 10,000 heads over the last 10 years and they really work.

100% organic  vegan hair and skin products. Only the best essential oils are used no perfumes, dyes or unnatural fragrances. No sulfates, beeswax or alcohol are used. The base of the products are Shea butters,Jamaican black castor oils and jojoba oils.

Eliminate  dryness and eczema conditions within the scalp. Promotes rapid hair growth without weighing the hair down. Assist in the growth of new follicles where hair has been damaged or thinning. 

Multipurpose natural hair care that can be used on skin as well

Best seller is the Rapid Hair Growth Serum and Loc and Twist Butter. It heals and rejuvenates the scalp giving you a strong hair follicle. The Loc and Twist Butter seals and holds the hair when twisting Loc new growth. For natural natural it moisturize and seal twists, braids and coils. 


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